Keep America Beautiful by Joining the #BeRecycled Campaign

Did you know that only one-third of Americans take the time to recycle the 4.4 pounds of trash they create per day? Multiply this times the more than 300 million individuals, and you’re looking at a lot of trash! Keep America Beautiful, a leading national nonprofit is continually looking for ways to inspire people and educate them about the numerous ways they can protect and beautify the environment. Since their inception in the mid-1950s, Keep America Beautiful has driven hundreds of communities to protect their environment and end littering. Their most recent campaign, #BeRecycled, is a way to encourage Americans to recycle and do their part to maintain the natural beauty of our world.

Promoting Recycling

There is a perception by many individuals that recycling is time-consuming and may not even help the environment a great deal, but that’s far from the truth. The impact that each individual can have by choosing to recycle is significant, and the #BeRecycled campaign encourages Americans to think about the small ways that they can recycle on a regular basis. This could mean anything from starting small with recycling plastic containers to going all out and sorting trash for delivery to a recycling center.

Why Recycling Matters

Trash builds up — quickly. Our landfills are overflowing throughout the country, and many of these materials are prime candidates for recycling. Taking these few extra steps has a variety of benefits, including:

  • Conserving natural resources such as trees and plants
  • Saving energy required to process raw materials
  • Reduces the overall level of pollution created by manufacturing raw materials
  • Shrinks landfill requirements

Join the #BeRecycled campaign today! If you have a recent home improvement project or other cleanup job, see how renting a dumpster from PBS Services allows you to quickly and easily sort through the items left over from your build. Recycle what you can — you can find suggestions on what you can recycle here.


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