How to Donate or Recycle Your Old Cellphone

There are few things as exciting as getting a new cell phone or a new automobile. While when you get a new car, truck or SUV you generally trade in the old one, what do you do with your old cell phones? They are often worth little or nothing by the time you purchase a new phone, and they may simply end up in a drawer at your home waiting for someone else to need one. The good news is that there’s a better way. You can easily donate or recycle your old cell phone in a way that is good for you, and the environment, too.

Wipe Your Phone’s Memory

Dropping your cell phone into the trash or a dumpster may seem like the easy option, but you should resist! Old, damaged cell phones will last for generations in a landfill, leaching toxic chemicals into the ground and water the whole time. However, you don’t want someone getting on to your phone and potentially grabbing your personal information if you donate it, either. The answer is to wipe your phone clean before donating it — and we don’t mean from fingerprints! Instead, you can quickly erase data by completing a factory reset on your phone.

Where to Donate

There are plenty of people in the country and around the world who would be delighted to receive your old cell phone. Here are a few options for donations that you can feel good about:

Want to earn a few extra dollars with your phone recycling? Try these options:

Regardless of where you choose to recycle or donate your used cell phone, you can feel good knowing that you’re keeping the land safe and landfills clear! When you need to clear out other old junk from your home, keep PBS Services in mind. Our same day local services include affordable daily rates for dumpster rentals.


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