Standard Restrooms
Standard Restrooms – interior
Standard Restrooms – interior
Standard RestroomsStandard Restrooms - interiorStandard Restrooms - interior

Standard Restrooms

Standard Features and Specifications:

  • Door Latch
  • Translucent Roof for lighting
  • Roomy Interior
  • Toilet Tissue Holders
  • Separate Urinal
  • Colors, styles, dimensions and models may vary based on availability.
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Product Description

Standard restrooms are great for commercial, industrial, and residential use. Contractors realize that when employees have to leave the job site or walk too far to use restroom facilities, it costs money. The average time needed, including travel, to make one off-site restroom usage is 7 minutes. If you divide a worker’s pay plus benefits/hour by 60 minutes, you’ll discover the cost for each minute of restroom usage. A University of Missouri-St. Louis Study, “Provision of Sanitation Facilities at Construction Sites,” calculated that at four types of construction sites studied in the St. Louis area, contractors earned an 850% return on their investment in portable facilities. Availability of units was important in the study. Every group of seven (7) workers had access to a facility within 100 feet of the group’s central location. Portable units are not only less expensive than permanent facilities, but their use improves productivity.

The following table indicates how many portable restroom facilities are needed based on the number of employees:

Additional Information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 44 x 90 in