PBS Services is a rental company where you can count on local servicing. We know local needs, and we keep your portable toilets sanitary for outdoor events or work site use.

Our presence near your site keeps us in a good position to handle regular maintenance well, and also to get on site promptly and take care of any situations that need to be handled more quickly.

We serve Colbert, Franklin, Jackson, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Marshall, and Morgan Counties. We’ve been active in your Alabama home town for more than two decades.

And our staff knows your turf and local environmental aspects.

Will finding a portable toilet near me make a difference to others too?

Thanks for your interest in our community! Yes, supporting PBS means investing in our local economy and jobs. Alabama’s recent trends in hiring indicate an economy moving upward, and we’re glad this trend is holding steady.

We’re proud of our ties with the companies and communities of our “sweet home” state, and you’ll often see us around Decatur and Huntsville, Athens and Florence, and the smaller towns of our area.

So get the service that makes sense to you. Rent from a locally owned business.

How do I get the rental started?

Select which products fit your needs, then browse our selections. Or call 256-721-8727, and we’ll help you choose what works best for your site, project and time frame.