The World’s Best Outhouses: Brought to You By Your Luxury Bathroom Trailer Experts

When you’re in the porta-potty rental business and luxury restroom trailers are what you’re known for, it makes sense to spend an afternoon collecting pictures of great outhouses. And let’s be honest, you’re here and you’re reading this blog, so you think outhouses are pretty great too!

Outhouse Trivia and Fun Facts

Who knew today’s portable sanitation solutions had such a long and storied history? Before we dive into our Best Outhouses round-up, here are a few great conversation-starters for your next dinner party!

Why Do So Many Outhouses Have Half Moons?

According to Legends of America, the crescent moon outhouses were for women and outhouses adorned with stars were for men. The cutouts were easy for those who couldn’t read to identify and provided much-needed ventilation. They also allowed light to enter the outhouse, making it easier for users to do their business.

What’s Up With Two-Seaters?

If you look closely, two-seater outhouses are usually equipped with holes of different sizes. Children could use the facilities without fear of “accidents” and large families could make the most of their bathroom time.

So if Charmin Wasn’t Available, What Did People Use for Toilet Paper?

Dear readers: we’re going to be a bit detailed here, so be prepared! In the days before toilet paper, our hearty forefathers and mothers reused and recycled in ingenious ways, make good use of newspapers, leaves, and grasses. Alas, modern toilet paper is a fairly recent invention. Mental Floss reports, “Quilted Northern, formerly Northern Tissue, advertised as late as 1935 that their toilet paper was ‘Splinter-Free!’ Since the company is still big in the multiple-ply, multi-billion dollar industry today, the marketing plan must have been a success – splinter-free was obviously in very high demand. Now, Americans actually use more than seven billion rolls of toilet paper a year.”

Outhouses With Running Water (and a view)

Just don’t think too hard about where you’re going!









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An Outhouse with Amenities

This marvelous outhouse combines old-school charm with modern comforts.

                    Exterior                                                 Interior 









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Hobbit Chic

If you’re going for a long, hill-country ramble, this architectural marvel is a welcomed sight!













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A Well-Cooled Outhouse

Bundle up! This Alaskan outhouse isn’t for the faint of heart.






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