Simple Steps to Avoid the ICK Factor

Your event attendees may look at portable toilets and think, “ICK!” We understand.

Like the bathrooms in a home or business, portable bathrooms need to be kept clean and organized. In fact, portable sanitation may be even more important than sanitation indoors as portable bathrooms can be more susceptible to hygiene issues.

Whether you’re renting portable bathrooms for a building renovation project or a big event like a concert, here are simple steps to keep in mind to avoid the “ick” factor.

Rent an adequate number of porta potty units.

Overuse of portable toilets is the number one reason for excess dirtiness. If your need is small, you may require just one or a few portable toilets. But if you’re having a large-scale event, several banks of five or more toilets may be needed.

Our industry has high standards related to the repair, placement, and cleaning of portable restrooms. These standards cover how many restrooms should be available considering the number of people who will use them, the methods and frequency of cleaning, deodorizing, and so on. Speak with our knowledgeable representatives to get advice on the right number of toilets for your event.

Stay on top of supplies.

There are several key supplies that must be replenished often in portable toilets. First and foremost, make sure you have enough toilet paper rolls. You should also ensure there is soap and/or hand sanitizer in the dispensers.

Clean touchpoints often.

“Touchpoints” are areas like soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, door handles, and toilet paper dispensers. They’re the places guests will touch most often when using portable toilets. They’re also the places the become the dirtiest over time. This is true even if guests are being careful and using hand sanitizer and soap. With portable toilets, it’s simply a given that these areas are going to become dirty.

For this reason, when cleaning portable toilets, it’s most important to focus on these areas. Use a strong cleaning solution and a cleaning rag to diligently go over each point in every bathroom.

In Need of Portable Bathroom Rentals?

PBS Services, Inc. offers local and affordable portable toilet rentals in the Killen and Huntsville, Alabama areas. We offer a wide range of toilet styles and sizes, from standard toilets to higher end, VIP restrooms. We also have hand sanitation stands, hand washing units, and other facilities and equipment to ensure the utmost safety and hygiene.

Go here to learn more about our portable sanitation products or contact us today to begin the rental process.  

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