Keep Your Porta-Potty Polished: Dos & Don’ts for Renting a Portable Toilet

A lot goes into renting a portable restroom. You need to consider where they are located, how many you need compared to the size of each portable toilet, and if there is enough access space for sanitation services. Sound overwhelming? Not to worry. We’re here to help. At PBS Services, we’ve been helping others find solutions to their portable toilet requirements. Over the years, we’ve racked up quite a few suggestions and tips to help you make the most out of your rental and keep it looking polished.

Determine How Many You Will Need

The best way to keep your restrooms looking great is getting enough. How do you determine? Estimate the crowd size, and the average time they will spend at your location. An example of 500 people staying for three hours would need about four portable restrooms. Click here for our guide!

Keep Portable Restrooms Where They are Convenient for Guests

It’s advisable not to place the portable toilets just anywhere. Crowd flow should dictate where you place them. Events with food and beverage trucks should consider putting their sanitation rooms close. But, not too close. People eating and drinking will naturally need to use the restroom. Placing it too close and you worry about the sight of people entering and exiting putting them off their food. Construction sites should have them near the onsite offices and break areas. It doesn’t hurt to have one or more scattered throughout to prevent long lines.

Make it Convenient for the Rental Company to Drop-Off & Remove Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are delivered and removed by your rental company. For example, renting from PBS would give you the option to place the portable toilet anywhere that is convenient for you. Just keep a few things in mind. Deliveries take place on a truck. The truck needs access to the location. Clear a path to allow the drop-off to take place without any issues. If the site of choice doesn’t allow for you to make a clear path for truck delivery, we highly recommend you choose another area.

Give Sanitation the Space to Keep Your Portable Toilets Clean

Your event might last a day, or it might last for months. Anything longer than a day needs sanitation to help keep the toilets in working order. Every rental company has a schedule. PBS services will maintain your toilets once a week. Need it more often? No problem. We work with you on the frequency of visits to make it possible to keep them spic-n-span. Clearing sanitation is a vital component of the rental. The company needs about 20-feet of space to hook up their equipment. Keeping in mind what we mentioned about truck access, don’t forget to give toilets plenty of space for their servicing.

Confirm the Size of the Toilets to the Amount of Space You Have Available

Energy audits provide a lot of insight into aspects of the building where improvements can be made. We’re talking energy-saving strategies that can cause financial impacts on how the building is operated. Professional auditors walk-through the building inspecting different equipment or techniques that contribute to the energy structure. They’ll look at the heating system, ventilation, and perform an air infiltration test to check for air leaks. Air ducts are a common cause of inefficiency when the HVAC is running. If it’s not inspected regularly, the energy use can rise as high as 40%. That means almost half of the air that should be circulating through the building is leaking out somewhere.

You’ll Need Solid, Level, Dry Ground for Your Portable Sanitation

It’s hard to choose which of these three is the most important, but together they are the trifecta for sanitation management. Let’s start with being level. You want to reduce any chances of the restroom tipping. Having it on an incline increases the opportunity of that happening. Stable, dry ground means your sanitation truck and the portable restroom aren’t going to get stuck. Keeping the toilets looking their best is easier when the location isn’t muddy. Some luxury trailers have step access. It becomes a safety hazard if they are compromised by wet debris.


Security Can Help Keep Your Rental Clean

Portable toilets can be vandalized by guests or pranksters. You won’t believe it, but some people intentionally tip them or mark on them in some fashion. It’s not helpful for your rental costs if you have to pay for the vandalism. You could consider temporary fencing or barriers, especially if they are left overnight. During the day a security guard would go a long way to deter this kind of behavior.

Renting Portable Toilets in Alabama

PBS Services has over twenty years of experience in renting and managing sanitation solutions. We work with clients to help them realize their needs to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. Our team can advise you on the number of toilets you need, as well as, the type. Get more information on successful portable toilet rental by contacting PBS services today.

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