Do You Need More Than One Toilet for a Single Event?

Fun outdoor activities are the name of the game through the long months of summer and fall. As the days get longer and cooler, everything from birthday parties to bonfires will help families and friends get into the mood to celebrate. Weddings and other large gatherings can cause a challenging situation, especially if you’re holding them at a location without adequate public restroom facilities. While you want to plan everything down to the last detail, are you sure that a single toilet is enough for an event? The good news is that there is an answer based on the number of people attending your event, the time of year it’s held and what type of festivities are planned.

Is Alcohol Being Served?

Anytime you’re serving alcohol at an event, you might want to consider including an additional toilet. These events can be a great deal of fun for the participants, but they do tend to increase usage of the restroom facilities by nearly 15%. The last thing that you need when you’re hosting a party is revelers looking for a place to relieve themselves — and finding a nearby bush or tree instead of the traditional facilities!

Plan Ahead

For extremely large events, it’s difficult to know exactly how many people will attend. While it doesn’t work for a wedding or other hosted party, you may want to consider selling tickets for raffles for your event. This allows you to get a more accurate count of the number of people who will be attending — critical information when you’re attempting to plan ahead for restroom facilities and other comfort services.

Length of Event Effects Toilet Needs

If you’re only hosting an event for a few hours, you may be able to get by with a single portable toilet. However, longer events will need significantly more resources to be sure that your guests stay comfortable during your time together. Multiple-day events require additional planning, so go with the day that has the largest number of confirmed attendees when you’re planning your toilet needs. If your event goes beyond 5-6 hours, consider rounding up based on the number of stations you planned to schedule.

Don’t Forget Special Needs

Adding handwashing stations for every 3-4 portable restrooms will help your guests stay fresh and clean, and reduce the possibility of contamination of any food, too. It’s also important to pre-determine the makeup of your event. If you have individuals who are in a wheelchair or have special needs, consider adding facilities that will provide them with a superior level of comfort for their needs.

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