When To Treat Yourself To A Luxury Restroom Trailer

A luxury restroom trailer is a portable bathroom that doesn’t sacrifice any of the comforts of the bathroom back home. These trailers contain toilets that fully flush and sinks with running water. The visual aesthetics of luxury restroom trailers are apparent as soon as you see one. They are clean, comfortable, and accommodating.

Luxury trailers are more comfortable to use than the portable stations you might find at a music festival or farmer’s market. These trailers flush away any waste to a separate holding tank. Unpleasant scents are no longer an issue when compared with the other portable options.

Cleanliness, comfort, and sleek design are consistent features of these trailers. They are as impressive as they are delightful to use.

Luxury restroom trailers are great for many occasions. But how do you know when to choose between a portable toilet and a luxury trailer?

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When Should I Get A Luxury Restroom Trailer?

There are plenty of instances where a luxury restroom trailer would make a difference in everyone’s experience. Here are a few examples:


The restroom should be the last thing on your mind when the big day arrives. But you’ve spent so much time making sure every aspect of the day is perfect, why skimp on the restroom? Luxury restroom trailers provide all the relief you need without sacrificing the elegance you want. Your guests will thank you.


Do you have a crew of folks coming over for a birthday party? Grilling up some food and setting up the volleyball net means plenty of people will be outside. Avoid the confusion and dirt of inviting all of them inside to use the bathroom. A luxury restroom trailer is a perfect way to show your guests you care while also keeping your house tidy.

Graduation Parties

You or someone you love has made it through high school/college. Congratulations! Now comes the fun part: The celebration. Invite as many friends and family over as you want. Show them your appreciation by providing a high-quality restroom trailer. You don’t want anyone feeling less than great when they’re reaching for another slice of cake.


Luxury restroom trailers are perfect for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and any other holiday that brings a large group together. You won’t want to walk too far from the grill to wash your hands or use the restroom. These portable trailers can be right where you need them when you need them there.

Work Functions

Showing your employees how much you appreciate them by throwing a bash in the park? These trailers will hammer your appreciation home. Live music, friends and family, and great food should be the focus of your guests’ attention. Luxury trailers smooth out one possible source of confusion by providing the best service available.

Restroom Remodel

Unfortunately, not every bathroom is perfect. A luxury trailer makes sure you aren’t left in the dark when you’re upgrading to your dream bathroom in your house. These remodels can take longer than originally thought, and you won’t want to be inconvenienced by anything less than a great experience.

What Are My Options For Luxury Restroom Trailers Huntsville AL?

PBS Services has many options to fit exactly what you need. Whether you’re in Huntsville or any of the surrounding areas, PBS has you covered. Here are some options for their luxury restroom trailers:


This two-unit trailer is 8 feet by six feet. The air conditioning will keep you comfortable while washing your hands at the oak vanity. Your guests will appreciate the heating and cooling system, interior and exterior lights, and beautiful amenities.


The Oasis luxury trailer is slightly larger than the Porta-Lisa. This makes room for three toilets on the women’s side. The men’s side contains one toilet and three urinals. A skylight in each restroom provides natural light and a touch of elegance. A built-in CD player brings a touch of technological comfort to an already classy experience.

Satellite Suite

The Satellite Suite is the pinnacle of luxury restroom trailer comfort. This trailer provides eight stations between the two sides. The light seafoam green paint and background music soothes the occupants. Each side contains dual sinks. Individual climate control means both the men’s and women’s side can set their preferred temperature to ensure their comfort.

Nobody provides more adaptable comfort than PBS Services when it comes to luxury restroom trailers Huntsville AL. Options are available to fit all sizes of crowds. So if you’re planning an event, or maybe if you’re personal bathroom will be out of order, luxury restroom trailers are a great option. You’re friends and family will be impressed and grateful you took their comfort into consideration.

Call PBS Services today for all of your luxury restroom trailer needs in Alabama!

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