4 Organizations Fighting Food Waste in America

Did you know that nearly half of all food (around 40%) is wasted in America? Despite the fact that there are starving families around the world, landfills across the country are literally filling up with food.

At PBS Services Inc., we are dedicated to ensuring that landfills stay as free as possible from food. That’s why we’re highlighting 4 organizations that are making a difference in reducing food waste across the country.

1. Cityblooms

Based in Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz, Cityblooms specializes in “automated agriculture” in order to reduce farm water usage by 90 percent! Their hydroponic micro-farms are located on rooftops and can produce pounds and pounds of leafy greens without the transportation pollution or water waste.

2. Urban Gleaners

Childhood hunger is one of the biggest problems in the United States today, but Urban Gleaners is an organization looking to change this issue.

Their Farm-to-Schools Program goes around the Multnomah County, Oregon area collecting crops left over from homeowners’, farmers’ and restaurants’ food supplies. Anything extra is given to the organization, which then gives the food to local children in need.

3. Food Forward

Ever thought about the fruit trees you see growing in neighborhoods or along desolate roads? There’s viable, edible food on those trees, but it usually just falls to the ground and rots. Food Forward is aiming to change all that by allowing homeowners who have too many fruit trees in their yards to register and donate their excess fruit to local food pantries.

4. Fleet Farming

Homeowners throughout the country have “farmland” that they’re not using! It’s their front yards! This fertile, viable land can be perfect for growing all sorts of vegetables and fruits.

And for homeowners looking to make a difference, their “farmland” (front yards) can be donated to Fleet Farming, who will convert the land into small “farmlettes” (small vegetable gardens). Homeowners can take what they want to eat, and the rest of the edible food is harvested by the Fleet Farming farmers and given to local community markets and restaurants.

How to Reduce Food Waste in Your Own Home

You can do your own part to reduce food waste at home too. For starters, focus on only buying what you’ll use. If you know you won’t finish a loaf of bread, a bag of cheese, or cake before it goes bad, freeze it! Lots of things can be frozen to preserve them for longer.

If you have a garden, consider composting things like coffee grounds, egg shells, paper towels and coffee filters, and vegetable and fruit peelings and trimmings. Finally, start planning your meals to better utilize leftover dishes and ingredients.

By doing simple things like this and supporting organizations that aim to reduce food waste, you’ll be doing your part to help the world and the people in it.

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