What Can I Recycle In Alabama?

Waste management isn’t always quite so straightforward. Knowing what you can recycle and what should be tossed out with waste can get confusing. These decisions can be made in the spur of the moment. Common sense is unfortunately not always the best guiding principle toward what is correct.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most common recyclables that you might run into in your day-to-day life. No longer will you have that confused moment in front of the bins trying to figure out which lid to lift.


Aluminum cans are possibly the most well-known recyclable. But did you know you can also recycle other aluminum products? Aerosol cans are a-okay as long as they are fully de-pressurized and empty. Aluminum foil from the tops of your leftovers and other metal food trays are fine if all the food is cleaned off.

Scrap metal, on the other hand, is not recyclable. Same goes for appliances and cans containing paint or other hazardous materials.


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Grab that box of paper from the office along with the opened envelopes and take them right to the recycling bin. This includes computer paper and shredded paper as well. In fact, most mail that doesn’t have a large amount of glue can be recycled.

Paper tissues and paper towels have to go out with the waste. Any paper that is waxed, laminated, lined with foil, or neon likewise goes to the trash. Did you drop some food on the paper or get it dirty? If so, it’s no longer recyclable.


All forms of corrugated cardboard are fine to recycle as long as they are not soiled with food. Go ahead and break the boxes down as well. Examples of acceptable cardboard are cereal boxes, milk cartons, juice boxes, shoe boxes, and frozen food boxes.


Clean, unbroken bottles and jars are recyclable. You don’t have to worry about removing the labels or separating the colors but be sure the metal lids are placed with metal recyclables.

Windows and mirrors are to be placed with the waste. Lightbulbs and Pyrex are likewise unable to be recycled.


There are many different kinds of plastic and luckily, a lot of them are recyclable. Transparent plastic cartons and bags are acceptable, as are jugs and bottles.

Look for the triangular recycling symbol on the container and the number located in the center. These numbers refer to the type of plastic used to make the item. Check with your local recycling station to see which of these numbers are acceptable for that particular location.


Old alarm clocks and walkman disc players run through batteries quickly. People still use those, right? Any time you find yourself with batteries to discard, take a moment to think about where they should go.

Batteries contain toxins that should not be introduced to a landfill. Recycling these items is important because batteries can crack and leak these hazardous materials into the ground. So please take your expired batteries to a recycling facility.


Much like batteries, electronics should be recycled to avoid introducing harmful chemicals into landfills. Screens for televisions and computers contain lead, and mercury is found in other electronics. Take these items to a hazardous waste facility.

Yard Debris

Do you have a pile of grass clippings after a particularly delayed session of mowing the lawn? Or is there a pile of leaves the size of a horse on the side of your house in the autumn? These items, along with branches and cut up tree trunks can be taken to a recycling facility. Some municipalities offer semi-annual collections of yard waste.

Rocks are not included in this service. Full tree stumps and dog waste are also unacceptable to be collected and recycled.

Generally speaking, clean materials that aren’t hazardous can be included in your recycling. Any specialized items should be taken to your local facility. These generalities have some grey area and exceptions, but now that you’ve read through the list you will be an expert. Impress all your friends as you help save the Earth.

But if you find yourself in a situation where you are overwhelmed with your waste disposal needs, it might be time to enlist some help.

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