What Can Be Thrown Away in a Roll Off Dumpster

Every household is responsible for regulating what they throw away in the trash. Batteries, broken glass, and certain cleaners need special disposal. These rules are in place to protect you and the environment. These regulations extend beyond the household. Renting a roll off container for your project won’t allow you to bypass the guidelines. Identifying what you can and can’t throw away is one of the most common questions we discuss with our clients here at PBS Services. Here’s a list of common products and materials that can and can’t be thrown into a roll off container.

What You Can Throw Away in a Roll Off Container

Fortunately, if you are renting a roll off dumpster for a construction or demolition project, a good portion of the waste can be tossed in the container.


Clearing out a house? Most “junk” can make its way to the dumpster. Everything from toys to pots and pans can get tossed into the heap. Before piling on the electronics, you’ll need to call PBS Services to confirm we can dispose of the items before you put it in the container.


Sofas, tables, chairs, almost every type of furniture is tossable. Anything constructed from wood and metal entirely is usually good to go. Not every landfill in Alabama allows mattresses and upholstered furniture. Your waste management company can give you more information and confirm what’s allowed.  


Appliances are disposable in most roll-off containers. Washers and dryers typically are ok. The issue with appliances is some of them contain hazardous liquids. Freon is an excellent example of a hazardous material. You have to have it removed before it can makes its way to the landfill.  


First, let’s begin by saying some companies offer incentives to recycle your used electronics. It could earn you some money or a potential discount on an upgrade. So, it’s worth investigating. However, if you prefer just to get rid of it, TVs, printers, computers, and other goods are accepted in most roll-off containers. Be prepared. Throwing a lot away might come with a fee in certain counties.

Yard Waste

It’s safe to say that almost all yard waste is safe for the roll-off dumpster. Some municipalities require the yard waste to be separated from other trash. You will need to confirm with the dumpster rental company whether or not you will need an extra container if you have a lot of yard waste and debris to remove.

Concrete and Asphalt

Roll-off containers are excellent for disposing concrete and asphalt. They can also carry brick and stone as well. These building materials are heavy. Give as much detail to the rental company about the quantity and they can tell you which containers will work best for the project.  

Roofing Shingles

Replacing a shingled roof accumulates a lot of debris. Many project managers rely on roll off containers for assistance. Municipal waste areas will allow you to toss asphalt shingles, but some will make you pay a fee. Ask a reputable dumpster service, like PBS Services for more information about your area’s rules and regulations.

Other Construction Debris

Wood, siding, drywall and other construction materials are typically ok to throw away in a container. Keep in mind there are weight limits. Building materials quickly add up. Going over might cost you. Get specifics about mass, volume, and fees to support your workload.

What You Can’t Throw Away in a Roll Off Container

Hazardous materials can’t be tossed in any dumpster or landfill. That rule is standard practice for almost every county in Alabama. Where it gets tricky is deciding which products are considered “hazardous.” Here are a few things you can expect not to go in a roll off container.

  • Tires can float to the top of a landfill and are often not allowed to be tossed in containers. You can speak to your rental company to find out who accepts old tires.
  • Paint and lacquers are commonly considered hazardous. Sometimes latex paint is not. Empty paint cans can be recycled.
  • Car batteries and dry-cell batteries shouldn’t go in a dumpster. The contents are too erosive and dangerous.
  • Oil and fuel or other flammable materials like propane are not allowed in containers. They are a serious safety hazard. Your local fire department can help you with disposal information.
  • Refrigerant is excluded from disposal. Any appliance that might use it like refrigerators can not be taken to a landfill.

Renting a Roll Off Container in Alabama

At PBS Services, we’ve been leading the way in waste management for years. Our team of experts is here to help you identify the proper strategy for organizing your waste. Contact us today to learn more about our container sizes and to get a quote.

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