Waste Management Programs for Schools

Like others across the country, Alabama schools and academic institutions are constantly seeking ways to reduce waste and adopt more sustainable operations – all while also adhering to an often restrictive budget. Professional waste collection and recycling with the right provider can help achieve these goals. That being said, let’s take a closer look at a few right waste management strategies that can significantly lower costs and improve operations at the same time.

Implement a recycling plan.

One of the easiest and most effective ways for a school to reduce waste and lower the costs associated with waste disposal services is to develop and implement a comprehensive recycling program. Articles that can and should be recycled include paper, plastic, cardboard and glass. Other recyclable and/or reusable materials include wood, scrap metal, electronics and even food waste. Administrators and decision makers should closely examine the current solid waste management strategy to identify areas that might benefit from recycling.

Once adopted, participation should be mandated and made as easy as possible by placing recycling bins throughout the facility and hanging signs and reminders in key locations throughout the school and grounds, such as classrooms, cafeterias, bathrooms and other common areas.

Hold students and staff accountable.

As mentioned previously, mandating waste collection and waste management policies is highly recommended, as it holds students, staff and other faculty members accountable for more efficient and effective waste control within the school. To drive home the importance and expectations of a new solid waste management program, documentation and training should be provided in advance.

For example, providing handouts containing recycling facts, various waste collection options, disposal services and any other pertinent information can help increase adoption and participation. Furthermore, supplying everyone with the tools necessary to properly evaluate the materials they are disposing of in order to determine how they might instead reduce, reuse and/or recycle can also be an effective strategy.

Consult with a professional waste management company.

Who would be a better resource for identifying and establishing sustainable initiatives than a company that specializes in waste management ? Consulting with a waste management professional can help administrators and educators identify which departments generate the most waste and how that can be addressed accordingly. They can also discuss and provide options for available disposal services and even determine which pick up schedule would work best.

The right waste management strategy can not only make your school or academic institution a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable operation, but it can also save you money. Ready to discuss your options? Contact us today!

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