Tips for Placing Your Dumpster

There are a lot of benefits to getting a dumpster through a professional waste management company, including saving time and money on transporting your trash and recycling materials to the appropriate off-site facility. If you’re considering implementing an on-site waste collection system, here are a few things you might want to consider ahead of time to ensure that your dumpster is placed and utilized optimally.

Size Matters – Getting a dumpster that’s too big could lead to obvious logistical issues, like finding adequate storage space. Getting one that’s too small, on the other hand, could lead to inefficiency and increased costs. Most disposal services offer a variety of size options from which to choose, so measure and be mindful in advance.

Dumpster Placement – Regardless of whether you plan on placing your dumpster in a parking lot on concrete or in a grassy area of your property, it’s always wise to check the proposed space.  Dumpsters must be placed where trucks can get to the dumpster at all times in all weather conditions.  Check your proposed dumpster space for sprinklers, water meters, septic systems and any other objects that my prohibit dumpster placement.  When choosing a location keep in mind that dumpsters and the trucks that carry them are heavy.

Ensure Easy Access – Having a dumpster that’s too far or difficult to reach defeats the purpose and eliminates many of the benefits of employing such an on-site solid waste management strategy. Before your dumpster is delivered, be sure to choose a location that will be easy for employees, contractors, crew members and trucks to access.

Whether you’re preparing for a particular project, such as a building renovation or other construction or demolition project, or you’re adopting a more long-term waste collection and professional disposal services policy, planning ahead can help ensure that there aren’t any costly or frustrating surprises.

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