Tips for Keeping Your Construction Crew Comfortable this Summer

Construction is a tough job, with crews often expected to be outside in inclement weather and keep working — no matter what. The summer is an especially challenging time as your construction team faces the dual impact of hot summer sun and dehydration. It’s important to do anything you can to help keep your workers happy and healthy, so they are able to focus more effectively on the job at hand. Here are several ways you can protect them from the elements and add to their comfort level at the same time.

Plan Ahead

When your workers arrive, your supervisors should be fully-versed in the project and ready to get going. This saves time for your client as well as reduces overall frustration within the team. Workers like to know that there is a master plan and that someone is in charge with all the necessary details. When you take the time to plan ahead, your construction crew knows that they are less likely to deal with rework in the future. This can include everything from having a fully fleshed-out contract to ensuring that all of the necessary equipment is available for the tasks.

Stay Hydrated

There are significant dangers associated with long-term outdoors work, from skin cancer to dehydration. While it can be tough to protect skin from the damage that comes its way, you can at least encourage your construction crew to stay hydrated by offering water and even a cool spot to relax during lunch hours and breaks. When your workers are comfortable, they are less likely to become distracted and can more easily stay focused. Plus, an overheated worker can become dizzy or disoriented — a dangerous state when they’re working around multiple-story builds or on heavy machinery.

Personal Convenience

Waiting to go to the restroom when you’re on the job can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. When you’re working all day in the open, it’s rare that you would have access to internal plumbing — and no one wants to head behind a tree to do their business! Instead, offer your construction crew a more convenient option for their personal needs with a portable toilet. Offering a portable sanitation option such as a hand washing station is also a welcome addition to any job site. If you have VIPs visiting or simply want to create a more hospitable environment on the job site, you can also rent a luxury restroom trailer that provides your guests with many of the same features that you would find inside your home or office building.

Construction jobs are not the most comfortable or easiest around, so anything that you can do to help your employees will be much appreciated. Always keep PBS Services in mind for all of your portable restroom or dumpster rental needs. We offer local and affordable same day dumpster rentals, so you will never have to slow down your project to wait for delivery to your job site.

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