The Dos & Donts of Dumpster Rentals

Help your home renovation and construction projects run smoother with a dumpster rental. Dumpster rentals include a removal service that takes the waste to the landfill for you — one less thing you have to worry about. But, knowledge is power and knowing what to expect from your rental will help you stay on time and on budget.

The Dos & Donts of Dumpster Rentals

The Dos of Dumpster Rentals

Know How It Works

Understanding the logistics is essential. The dumpster rental company will bring it to your home or work site. Feel free to fill up the container with the debris and waste from your project. Once it’s complete, you call to have it picked up and removed. But, you will need to arrange all of this with the hauler in advance.  

Have a Plan For Where the Dumpster Will Stay During the Project

The container will need to sit somewhere for some time. That being said you will need to work out where it’s best suited. At PBS our team is well-versed on a multitude of project sites so we can help guide you on the best place for the rental to stay. Things to think about including,  deciding if it can go on the street or fit into a driveway, accessibility, and convenience. Be prepared to find alternate parking for yourself and others if the dumpster rental occupies parking spaces.

Know What Size & Type Of Dumpster You Need

You’ll need to consider a couple of things when it comes to renting a container: the size and load. Size is crucial. It will need to fit somewhere that is convenient for removal but not obstructive. If the debris you are tossing is heavy, you might have to rent a container that is slightly larger to accommodate. At PBS Services, we offer standard sizes for your projects:

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Know What Will Fit

The size is just the beginning of success. Smaller vessels that are 10-15 yards work well for home renovations and roofing projects. A 15-yard dumpster can hold between 30-40 square shingles and about the same size of six to eight pickup truck loads. It’s large enough to keep what you need but small enough to fit in a standard parking space.

How You Will Be Charged

The average rental is based on weekly, bi-weekly, and sometimes monthly rate. There are also fees for the container being overweight. Some haulers have zones that they work within. If you or your project resides outside the area, you might incur a service fee. Knowledge of fees will help you manage your budget effectively. Ask about day fees if you need it longer than the time agreed.

The Don’ts of Dumpster Rentals

Only Rent by Size

The container isn’t just charged by size. It’s billed by weight. You’ll need to know the maximum weight capacity for each. Larger containers might allow for more volume, but you could exceed the maximum weight load before you fill it up. Here’s an example of the weight load maximums for PBS Services:

  • The 15-Yard Local Roll-Off: 10,000 lbs maximum weight load
  • 20-Yard Local Roll-Off: 20,000 lbs maximum weight load
  • 30-Yard Local Roll-Off: 20,000 lbs maximum weight load

Throw Away Anything in Container

Items thrown away are considered “rubbish.” Rubbish is any waste material that excludes food. This type of garbage is dumped in a particular area of the landfill due to the rate of decomposition. It’s best not to get these two mixed. Keep your regular trash can for the removal of food waste.

Forget to Contact the HOA

We already mentioned how dumpsters need to be parked somewhere. If you are using the container in a residential area, whether you are the homeowner or contractor, the Homeowners Association (HOA) will need to be informed. Most HOAs require dumpster rentals to have a permit. You will want to comply with the rules to bypass the chance of a penalty.

Overfill or Exceed Weight Limit

There are a few reasons why you don’t want to overfill the dumpster. Too much will make it a safety hazard to the removal service. There’s also the general public. Protruding debris can fly out during transit and either cause damage to your hauler or a third party. You might have to worry about fees. Exceeding your weight limit can cost extra. Stay within the maximum capacity. If you exceed this amount, contact PBS services, and we can help you find a solution.

Forget What Projects are Best Suited for Dumpster Rentals

Any home renovation project should include a dumpster rental. Your rental company can help you comply with removing waste according to local laws. Any larger projects that involve the removing of trees, play equipment or other structures warrant the renting of a container. Then there is moving house. Something that is already stressful can be simplified by getting a dumpster to eliminate unwanted furniture, equipment, and other rubbish.

Affordable Alabama Dumpster Rental

Working with the right company will make all the difference to your project. Look for someone who offers affordable dumpster rates and same day services like PBS. We can help you manage your waste.


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