How to Plan and Lead a Cleanup Effort in Your Community

If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community, a cleanup day provides a low-cost option that nearly everyone can contribute to and enjoy. Children, parents, grandparents and friends can all come together to spiffy up the area that you love — making your neighborhood a better place to live.

It’s not quite as simple as letting people know the date and having them show up to work, however. You’ll need to organize your tasks and your helpers to be as effective as possible in a short period of time. Keep these tips in mind so you can organize an effective cleanup effort in your community.

Recruiting Volunteers

You can’t expect everyone to simply show up on the right day without marketing your event. Consider printing some quick flyers to pass out to neighbors. Ask your core group of friends to each recruit at least 1-2 people. When you have your volunteers lined up early, you’re able to assess the work you can complete and divvy it up appropriately.

Plan Your Attack

Are you focusing more on adding flowers or planting trees in your area or cleaning up a part of the highway that is covered in trash? Cleanup efforts require the appropriate tools, that means having a dumpster from PBS available to get trash where it belongs quickly and easily. This keeps your teams from having to move trash multiple times — you handle it once, and you’re finished! The dumpster can be picked up after your cleanup day is complete.

Think Convenience

Your volunteers are likely to start drifting away from the work site after a few hours if their comfort and convenience isn’t considered during the planning stages. Renting an inexpensive and clean portable toilet and keeping snacks and drinks handy will help your volunteers stay hyped up and ready for action.

Ask for Donations

Whether you’re cleaning or planting, painting or building, it is incredibly helpful to have at least some of your supplies donated. People are much more likely to come to your cleanup day if they know that all they have to do is show up, and you’ll have everything organized and ready for them to start working. Many area businesses are willing to make a modest donation to your event, especially hometown brands who understand the value of supporting local individuals in their community.

Creating a safe and inviting space for volunteers is important, too. When you stay organized and have adequate comfort options available as well as the tools that people need to get started, you are ready for a successful community cleanup event! Contact PBS Services Inc. today at 256-721-8727 for more information about renting dumpsters or portable sanitation products. 


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