How to Maintain Your Dumpsters & Portable Toilet Rentals Through Winter Months

Alabama can experience some rough temperatures during the winter. While heavy snowfall might not be prominent, there are some other winter weather conditions to consider. Heavy winds, freezing temperatures, and ice can be problematic.

How to Maintain Your Dumpster & Toilets Through Winter Weather

If you have an outside job that requires the use of a rented dumpster or portable restroom you’ll want to take measures to ensure that they are in good working condition all season long.

Place the Rental in Sunlight

Something you can do for your dumpster or portable toilet is to move it into the sunshine. The sun might be further from the earth in winter, hence the colder temperatures, but the UVA rays don’t weaken. Place your rented portable toilet or dumpster in a spot with direct sunlight, and you’ll be surprised by how much ice will begin to melt. If you are renting a portable toilet, this will help a lot with working mechanics

Make it Accessible

Concerning placement, we also need to talk about making it safe for those who need to interact with these items on a daily basis. Winter conditions in the south are tricky. While we don’t get a lot of heavy snow, we do have to worry about things like ice patches or black ice. Keep them in spots that are easy to access. Salt the area beneath the toilet or dumpster to avoid it sticking to the ground.

One of the biggest problems we face in Northern Alabama when placing a dumpster rental is wet, soggy land due to heavy rain and no sun. Because land stays soggy for longer periods of time during the winter months, it’s crucial that the dumpster is placed in a particular spot to avoid land and equipment damage.

Hide From Winds

The average wind speed in Alabama in the winter is 4 mph, but they can reach 5.2 mph. That’s pretty high and has the capabilities of tipping things over. Keep your rented materials protected by placing them against the side of a building or a sturdy fence. It should be able to help keep the dumpster or portable toilet from tipping. There is also the bonus of protecting it from ice and debris that can get swept up in the gusts.

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Use a Tarp

When you rent a dumpster, you will want to use a tarp. It’s a preventative step. Neighbors might feel encouraged to use it to throw away their unwanted items. Not a good idea if you are paying by the load. Those things can quickly begin to add up. In the winter, tarps help keep ice from penetrating. Ice is weighted. The more that resides inside the dumpster, the heavier your removal will become. If you’re being charged by weight, you’ll want to keep as many unwanted goods out as possible.

Use Gloves When Handling

Metal is an excellent heat conductor. If exposed to high temperatures the metal will heat up quickly. The same in the absence of heat. When it’s freezing the metal will also become very cold. Use gloves when you need to handle the dumpster or any metal portion of the portable toilet. If the metal becomes too cold and you put your bare hands on it, you can injure yourself with frostbite. Not to mention it’s incredibly uncomfortable.

Service Rental Frequently

Frequently servicing a portable restroom is excellent for sanitation. It prevents the chances of bacterial build-up. In the winter any liquids in the restroom can freeze. If frozen you run into issues with parts of the system not working. Not something you want to deal with while on the job. Regarding dumpsters, you can routinely check for ice. Make sure that there isn’t ice sitting inside that could be problematic later.

When renting a portable restroom through PBS we offer standard once-per-week service. However, because of our superior equipment, manpower, and expertise in the industry, we have the ability to cater virtually any service schedule for a multitude of projects and rented equipment. If daily or even weekend service is what your project requires, PBS can handle it!

De-Ice Tips

We’ve talked a little about de-icing, and we thought we’d share with you some helpful tips. There are deicers you can purchase at the local hardware. They are useful but corrosive. Getting them on yourself or any machinery isn’t good. Handle them with care if you decide to go that route. Rock salt is inexpensive and readily available. It can be harmful to grass and pets. Keep that in mind if you are using it in a residential space. Adding grit is another way to keep potentially icy areas from becoming slippery. You can do this by laying sand or gravel to maintain the ice. Try to keep an eye on it when the temperatures start to rise. Sand can clog drains, and you don’t want that issue with the run-off.

Renting Dumpsters and Toilets in Alabama

Construction projects are better managed with the right dumpster and bathroom rentals. They can make the project run seamlessly. For more information about renting a dumpster or portable toilet, call PBS Services.


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