How To Alleviate Holiday Trash Frustrations

‘Tis the season for holiday parties galore, endless amounts of delicious food and of course the dreadful trash and waste that comes with it. From leftover turkey to the deceased Christmas tree, there can be a lot of holiday waste frustrations.

Skip the [Trash] Stress this Holiday Season

The best way to alleviate a lot of these nuances is to take a proactive approach and plan your events and celebrations from the initial recipe to the final trash bag. This way when you feel like the waste is piling up you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve arranged everything you’ll need to make it an easy clean-up.

The increase in trash per household or business really picks up at the end of October and beyond, slowly growing as the season continues. As you toss out the remains of Halloween candy and begin revving up for the feasts and constant events we want to give you a few trash-oriented pointers. There are ways we can help you prepare for this influx of parties and waste so you can sit back and simply enjoy and revel in this magical time of year. Whether you’re hosting a holiday event with a large crowd or your business needs an end-of-the-year cleanout, we know some key ways to ease any exasperations.

Holiday Party Prep & Clean-Up

Every year around this time businesses of all sizes starts to organize and plan their annual holiday parties. These events are meant to bring together their employees and celebrate another year of hard work and successes. With these gatherings, however, a lot of waste can pile up quickly. When renting a hall or event space there are many instances where waste management isn’t provided by the establishment, which leaves the responsibility on you. Recycling and proper waste removal should be balanced, catering to both will not only help your waste amount but is a great way to positively impact the environment during the season of giving.

No matter what the size of your crowd at your party, you will still feel the holiday trash wrath. Some convenient ways to help prepare and clean up efficiently for your holiday party include:

Set up an Easily Accessible Recycling Bin

Each year between Thanksgiving and the New Year our average waste goes up by over 25% which roughly equates to over 1 million tons of trash being tossed out. We know that not everything can be recycled but by placing a visible recycling bin (or multiple depending on the size of your party) attendees will be more apt to recycle. With all the paper plates, plastic cups, cardboard boxes, and more it’s imminent that you attempt to be as sustainable as possible. Encouraging things like having your guests use one cup for a drink, instead of switching out for a new one every time and utilizing reusable wrapping paper will help minimize your waste. Whenever you can, recycle to avoid waste build up!

Arrange Trash Collection Ahead of Time

You can do your best to reduce your waste and incorporate effective recycling strategies, but at the end of the day, there is still a lot of trash to take care of. As we mentioned, a lot of event spaces don’t cover trash pick up and if you’re hosting a party at your home, that’s a whole other ball game! The most efficient way to prepare for the influx of trash is to rent a dumpster. Depending on the size of your gathering, there are countless options of dumpster rentals that will be the ideal for your event.

With convenient drop off and pick up, all you’ll have to do is tie the trash bags and toss them in. By arranging for a dumpster rental you can eliminate any extra steps of either finding a dump or trash can large enough and waiting for trash day. Neither of those is as easy as simply having an open top roll-off dumpster dropped off and collected on dates you figure out ahead of time. Easy as that!

Need to rent a dumpster for your holiday party? Get a quote now!

Send Leftovers Home

There’s no reason why so much food should go to waste every holiday season. On average, American’s alone waste over $290 million worth of food and that’s just during Thanksgiving. To negate a good brunt of waste frustrations, opt for take-out style leftovers instead. Who doesn’t love a turkey sandwich with all of the fixings on a Monday afternoon? Stop by a store and pick up a bulk of recyclable Tupperware containers before your party and before you toss the food out, leave the containers out for anyone who’d like leftovers! Now you’re getting more out of the meal and reducing waste from your event.

PBS Services Has Your Holiday Trash Covered

Whether you’re throwing a massive work event or hosting a big family gathering, trash buildup is inevitable. By incorporating strategized recycling and encouraging reusable and take-home leftovers you can alleviate various waste frustrations. For all of your waste management needs, our team can make sure the cleanup process is a breeze. Call us today to arrange a dumpster rental or any other waste services you may need this holiday season!


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