Construction Site Equipment That is Better to Rent

Whether you are expanding the scope of your construction business or looking into tightening expenditures, there are ways to depreciate overhead by renting equipment. Materials found on a construction site are available to help complete the job at hand. However, these tools, machines, and equipment can become dangerous if not utilized correctly.

Renting equipment from verified businesses make it easier for construction companies to stay organized. These rental companies are well-versed in the safety and compliance rules to run and operate their machines or equipment. Even better, some like waste management systems, do the work for you by dropping off and picking up what you need. Giving you more time to focus on getting the job done. Overall, renting will help reduce costs. Here is a list of the essential items that your construction site needs that can be rented.

  1. High Visibility Clothing

Constructions sites include a lot of working parts and one of the best ways to ensure safety is through the application of personal protective equipment (PPE). Every part of the body is in danger while working on a construction site. Taking precautionary measures with PPE provides employees protection against possible injury when working outdoors, in poor light, or very bad weather conditions that might make it difficult to see one another.

  1. Signage

Construction safety signs provide workers with the information they need about the hazardous materials or terrain around them. OSHA regulates that it is the responsibility of the company to prevent accidents on the job. In addition to providing employees with PPE they can wear, they must also install the proper signage that pertains to their job site.

  1. Temporary Fencing

Because construction isn’t usually permanent, there is a need for the implementation of temporary fencing. The idea is to cordon areas temporarily. The purpose could be to restrict pedestrians for accessing the area or section off portions of the job site. By doing so, you can reduce the number of accidents both inside the company or from third parties.

  1. Barriers and Traffic Cones

On the occasion where the construction is taking place on or near an area with both vehicle and pedestrian-heavy traffic having a barrier and traffic cones can create a safe environment by non-verbally communicating areas that are dangerous. In most instances, there is a system of reflective barriers, cones, and adaptors to complete the network.

  1. Portable Bathrooms

While OSHA mandates that it’s up to the company to regulate safety guidelines and training, federal law requires employers to have portable bathrooms on-site. These sanitation standards are to ensure that workers health isn’t compromised while on the job. If you plan on having less than 20 workers on the job, one portable toilet is sufficient. Anything over and one toilet seat and one urinal is required.

  1. Waste Management Solutions

Construction sites accrue a lot of waste and require management or they could face legal issues. Special waste from excavation and renovation byproducts can create a hazardous environment if not dealt with appropriately. Additionally, if harmful elements get into the environment, the company could be held liable for any damages. Ideally, you want to rent a waste management solution that will keep the municipal solid waste, recycling, and non-hazardous special waste separate.

It’s vital to keep a construction site safe and running smoothly. At PBS, we offer portable toilet, and dumpster rental services accommodate any sized project. To learn more about the options available, visit our website.

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