All You Need to Know About Renting Dumpsters

The humble dumpster does more than just store garbage. It has the ability to make your construction or home renovation project go off without a hitch. You can use them for various materials and rent them in a range of sizes for ease of use. They’re good for the environment because they provide space for recycling and can save you time and money.

Just for perspective, here are some surprising facts about municipal waste and how your dumpster can help.

Trash Facts

  • The U.S. generates 262 million tons of trash per year.
  • 52.5% of trashed generated in the U.S. was disposed of in 1,738 landfills.
  • The number of landfills across the U.S. has declined, but their volume has gotten bigger.
  • The total amount of waste generated has increased 73% since 1980.
  • Packaging, containers, and nondurable goods make up half of all trash generated.
  • The average person generates 4.48 pounds per day.

Types of Dumpsters

Now that we’re aware of just how much trash and recycling is taking place in the United States, it’s time to decide what kind of dumpster is right for you and your project.

Roll-Off Dumpster

A roll-off dumpster is traditionally rectangular in shape and characterized by the open top of the container. It gets its name from the ability to be transported by special “roll-off” trucks. How much they can hold depends on the size of the dumpster. Typically, a roll-off dumpster can be found in 15, 20, 30, and 40 yards.  A 40-yard dumpster can hold the equivalent of 26 – 30 pickup trucks worth of garbage while a 15 yard can keep anywhere from 6 – 8. Most dumpsters are rented by volume but do have weight restrictions. Containers at 20-yards and higher can hold roughly 20,000 lbs of debris.

Advantages of Roll-Off Dumpsters:

  • Versatility – Using specialized trucks allow different types of waste to be removed with ease such as furniture, large chunks of commercial waste, and glass.  
  • Less Hazardous – Sharpe, jagged, or heavy debris isn’t a concern for you and your workers with roll-off dumpsters who make it easier to remove trash from your work area.
  • Efficiency – Because these dumpsters are available in large sizes, you can spend more time completing work rather than making frequent trips to the landfill.

Trash Compactor and Garbage Compactor

Similar in appearance to roll-off dumpsters, trash compactors aid commercial and industrial construction with trash management. They can help with disposing of waste or aid recycling. They work by crushing trash into smaller, more manageable pieces. The operation typically includes an open-top bin that allows users to throw garbage in the top. Powered by electricity, the motor can be switched on to start the compactor that will reduce volume by roughly 4:1.

Advantages of Trash Compactors:

  • Prevent Debris issues – Compactors can help with windblown debris from becoming a problem on your construction site.
  • Decrease Costs – Because compactors have the ability to reduce the amount of waste significantly, it will help reduce monthly spending on your project.
  • Improves Site Management – The reduction in the amount of waste enhances labor and productivity with fewer trips to the landfill.

Construction Hoppers

In construction, “hopper” is a term that usually refers to a container that catches items or helps transfer items to a different location. Garbage construction hoppers do just that by allowing commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities to move around trash at their own convenience. They come in a variety of sizes but are typically smaller than the roll-off containers and are slightly more unique in shape. They are self-standing and have appendages to be lifted by a fork truck.

Advantages of Construction Hoppers:

  • Versatile Use – Construction hoppers work well in almost every application because they are small enough to fit practically every project and can handle most materials.
  • Self-Manageable – If your budget or hours of operation aren’t conducive to a trash removal service, construction hoppers allow you to manage your own disposal needs.
  • Sort More Trash – Because of their smaller size, you can improve on sorting different materials. Recycling can be placed in one bin and municipal waste in the other.

For more information on renting dumpsters, compactors, or hoppers in Alabama, visit the PBS Services website.


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