Construction Projects: What Essentials You Need to Rent

The success of a construction site hinders on multiple pieces of equipment. From earth movers to transporters, a wide range of machines have been developed to streamline the workflow. At PBS, we’ve been assisting project managers for years helping with waste management. Through this time we’ve become familiar with the machinery construction companies rely on to get the job completed.

Equipment to Move Earth

Moving earth has been a part of development since early civilization. Trying to pass vast quantities has always been a challenge. Moving soil, clay, or rock presents many problems, especially when you are working in large areas. Renting earth moving equipment helps tackle these obstacles during the excavation.


One of the best pieces of equipment you can rent for moving earth is an excavator. The name itself hints at its capabilities. They are very powerful at moving large sums of dirt and are suited for both small and large scale jobs. It might be one of the most commonly used machines on a construction site.

Skid Loader

Skid loaders are versatile pieces of machinery used in construction. They are smaller framed with arms that lift up and down. You can attach almost any labor-intensive project to a skid loader and find it’s successful at getting the project complete.


Maybe the second most famous piece of equipment is the bulldozer. It’s considered a “crawler” utilizing a front plate to displace significant quantities of soil in one pass. These machines are rather large in size and would suit bigger projects such as construction or remodeling.


The skid loader was a bit smaller in size, but the loader is much more substantial. The loader tackles demolition waste, gravel, raw materials, and wood with ease. They are primarily used in conjunction with another machine such as a bulldozer to increase productivity.

Hoisting Tools

Large items that need to be lifted are done with hoisting tools. They come to the rescue when an object needs to be moved to hard-to-reach locations. The production of taller buildings or skyscrapers relies on these machines or tools to lend support. Their use ensures stability and safety for employees on the job.

Mobile Cranes

Not capable of lifting maximum heavy loads, mobile cranes offer adequate relocation assisting onsite. They a mobile by design and suit short-term projects that need a lot of mobility.

Derrick Cranes

Lifting upwards of 200 tons, the derrick crane is a feature often seen during the construction of apartment complexes or industrial buildings. Because of their intensity, they require the operator to be certified by OSHA.


A versatile piece of equipment is the conveyor. It uses a chain belt to move heavy material horizontally, vertically, or at an incline. A conveyor might not be the first machine you associate with construction projects, but they do a lot to save time and increase the output.


The forklift is small but mighty. Renting one for your project allows you to lift between one and five tons of product. Because of their size, they are easy to maneuver and can transport necessary materials in tighter spaces.

Transportation Equipment

Transportation equipment brings elements to the site and removes debris. Getting the supplies to the location quickly can make or break your timeline. Renting transportation equipment helps get the project off to a good start. Once you are in the throws of the work, the transportation trucks begin to switch to a dual focus of also removing debris and clutter that could slow down production times.

Tipper Trucks

Simple in design, the tripper truck will operate a large platform to a 45-degree angle and “tip” material out of the bed. Relying on gravity is what makes the operation successful. You’ll see these vehicles in mining quarries or on sites that utilize large quantities of the same material.

Concrete Trucks

Any job that needs concrete requires a concrete truck. They are distinguishable by the cylindrical agitator in the back. The mixers can be applied for speed and efficiency when it’s needed to lay concrete at a rapid pace.

Trailer Truck

When a project requires a particular piece of equipment the trailer truck steps in to deliver. Trailer trucks are ubiquitous to the interstate. Most commuters will see these large trucks on their daily commute. Their application is handy when large machines or pieces need to move between great distances.

Roll Off Dumpsters

Waste management is a critical component of construction success. Construction sites have to deal with construction and demolition waste. Using roll-off dumpsters give a lot of control over the quality of the worksite and managing progress.

Renting a Roll-Off Dumpster

Working with an experienced company like PBS Services assists the efficiency of the project. Whether you need the roll-off dumpster rental to manage C&D or want to recycle to comply with LEED standards, renting alleviates some of the hassle. Working with waste management companies like PBS is like entering into a business partnership where we take ownership of ensuring your materials and moved and relocated responsibly. Contact us today to learn more.

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